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Free HOV Lanes

It used to be said if you visited downtown Houston during the weekend it was a ghost town. Unlike most major cities almost nothing was opened in downtown. As a former small business owner in Houston, this was what got me thinking about having the HOV lane being free for the weekends. After fans of the sporting events get done watching the game, instead of wanting to race home because nothing is opened, they will be more likely to spend money at the downtown restaurants and bars and then be able to get home quickly and safely via the HOV lanes.

While we have yet to convince to the full version of the plan, we have gotten them to agree to do the Inbound of I-45 for free for the rest of the year! If I get elected I want to get Metro to implement the full plan, to help downtown businesses.

It has been recently announced by Metro that HOV lanes of I-45N Inbound and I-45S Inbound is now free on the weekends from 10 AM to 7PM till Sunday December 29, 2019.

Read more about what we have accomplished in the News area.

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