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About Michael

He graduated from University of St. Thomas, with a Sociology BA; Assistant Dean of Men University of St. Thomas. Organized the Astronaut Memorial 5 K Fun Run in conjunction with NASA and the University of St. Thomas. Athletic Director St. Theresa's Grammar School. Small business owner for over 30 years in Montrose. Continuously employed in the Private Investigation service industry.

Sponsored youths for over 20 years, to attend professional sporting events, that could not have attended without Griff's kindness. Created the first crime out program in Houston, Montrose Crime Out patrol program. Led fight to defeat Zoning. Griff, with Mayor Lee Brown and created Houston's 311 Helpline. Created first family sections at Houston Rocket and Houston Texan games. Worked to defeat the 'failed Rail on Richmond initiative. Since 2014 Griff has been actively seeking expansions and additions to the Houston area FREE HOV Weekends. This benefits those living around Kingwood, Clear Lake City, Southwest Houston Northwest Houston, NASA, Willowbrook, Eastside, and West Houston areas. Lobbied International Festival to reduce prices for youths.

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